Roxanne Pallet To Appear On New Series Of Celebrity Island This Weekend

Roxanne Pallet To Appear On New Series Of Celebrity Island This Weekend

While the Emmerdale actress was planning on taking a step back from the spotlight after her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house, it appears Pallet will be starring in another reality TV show this weekend.

Filmed in May before Pallet accused Ryan Thomas of physically assaulting her on national television, Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls will include Pallet. The actress is expected to only last five days on the island.

According to The Irish Sun, Pallet will leave the island as the smoke from the bonfires on the island trigger a memory she had of a house fire that involved her Mam when she was a teenager.

Pallet left the Celebrity Big Brother house after five days when she heard the crowd chant "Get Roxy Out" after she exaggerated a play fight with Corrie actor Ryan Thomas. Thomas received a warning from CBB bosses.


Celebrity Island will feature Love Island's Montana Brown, Martin Kemp, and Anthony Ogogo as they try and combat the trials and tribulations of living a primitive life with the help of survival expert Bear Grylls.

Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls will air at 9pm on 9 September on Channel 4.

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