DCU Unveils SafeZone App That Tracks Students And Staff

DCU Unveils SafeZone App That Tracks Students And Staff

Dublin City University is the latest university to partner with the SafeZone app, a mobile phone app that can help with the safety of staff and students. SafeZone is used in conjunction with the college's emergency response team.

People who have the app can input their student/staff ID, medical condition, bicycle serial number or name. There are three separate alerts: emergency, first aid and help. When the user triggers one of the alerts the DCU security team is notified.

The app works on a check in/check out basis and once checked in the user's whereabouts is known to the DCU security team. When the user leaves the campus they are automatically 'checked out' of the app.

Student Union Vice President for Welfare & Equality Podge Henry welcomed the added security to the university's campus:

There can never be enough safety measures on a campus with so many people and it makes it so much easier, especially through your phone. There have been one or two instances this year already that I’ve been made aware of, luckily they weren’t severe.

DCU president Prof. Brian MacCraith said that the introduction of these measures would make it easier to respond to students and staff who are in need of help:


DCU is now a multi-campus environment and, by deploying SafeZone in conjunction with our existing campus emergency response team, it will enable us to respond even more effectively and efficiently to students and staff who may need emergency support.

The app can also be used by clubs and societies who go on trips abroad.

The app is owned by Australian company Critical Arc which is running it's app with several UK and Australian colleges currently.

H/T: The Irish Times

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