Over 20,000 Students Have Yet To Apply For A SUSI Grant

Over 20,000 Students Have Yet To Apply For A SUSI Grant

Only 80,000 of a projected 100,000 students have applied for the grant. In a statement, Student Universal Support Ireland (Susi) is urging students to apply by today for the 2018/19 academic year.

Students seeking financial assistance or maintenance grants have until the close of business today, July 12th, to submit their application. Applications submitted before the deadline will be prioritised for processing but applications after the 12th will be still accepted but a delay may occur in processing your grant.

80,000 students received funding for 2017-18. Speaking to The Irish Times, Aoife Greene, communications and information services manager with Susi encouraged students to gather as much information as they can:

Our aim is to have as many grant application decisions communicated to students before the beginning of the academic year as possible. To that end, I would encourage students to go to our website where they can find all the necessary information about applying for a grant.

Leaving certificate students do not need their results or their final course choice to apply. I would advise them to have gathered their PPSN and the PPSN of other parties to the application such as parents, spouses, etc.; the income information for 2017 as applicable to these persons within a household; and to have their first choice course details to hand when they sit down to apply. Once we receive an application we will write out to them directly if we need additional documentation.

However we have received just two-thirds of the new applications that we are expecting which means that about 20,000 students have yet to apply to us so we would really like to see a surge in applications by our 12th July priority deadline. This is in order that we can meet these students’ expectations to have a decision well before they go to college.


SUSI is expected to contact those who have already applied in a matter of weeks. To find out if you're eligible for the grant and to track your progress, visit

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