Dealz Are Surely Taking The Piss With Their Maddest Item Yet

Dealz Are Surely Taking The Piss With Their Maddest Item Yet

It's not often were brought to tears of laughter in our favourite shop of all time, but today, we most definitely were. Dealz is a student's paradise, there's no denying that. However, we think they may have gone too far with a new item they've just got in stock.

Dealz is now selling, as they put it, a 'Female Urinal'. Yes, you heard us right, an actual female urinal. It can be found in their camping section amongst camping chairs and sleeping mats and the product is meant to revolutionise camping outdoors and music festivals.

According to the product, it will allow "women to go anytime, anywhere" and will mean we no longer have to endure "dirty toilets". If that wasn't enough to set your heart racing, it's also "soft and flexible, " spill proof and even "reusable".

This wasn't Dealz' own idea, however, as it is a knock-off of the much talked about 'Shewee,' but it's basically the same thing. Will anyone be skipping the queues this festival season to pee with the lads? We really, really hope not.


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Ciara Finnegan

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