Sorry, Netflix: Disney Is Set To Launch Its Very Own Streaming Service

Sorry, Netflix: Disney Is Set To Launch Its Very Own Streaming Service

It looks like the world of online streaming is about to get seriously competitive. Today Disney has announced it will end its distribution deal with Netflix and start a unique Disney streaming service. The service will launch in 2019.

Netflix fans don't need to worry,  Disney movies won't disappear from the streaming service right away. Netflix are keeping all its planned Disney content until the end of 2019 until the Disney service is launched. Disney studio films from 2019 onwards will not appear on Netflix.

It appears that Netflix has been preparing for the loss of Disney for some time. The streaming service has original movies and some of the worlds most watched shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Black Mirror, Rick And Morty and the much-loved Stranger Things.

The next two Star Wars movies will appear on Netflix but the final installment will be shown on Disney. A spokesperson for Netflix said:  “We continue to do business with the Walt Disney Company on many fronts, including our ongoing deal with Marvel TV."

The news of a Disney streaming service for fans will be a huge welcome as it's near impossible to rent Disney films or rewatch classic TV shows. The Disney-branded streaming service is set to kick off with films including Toy Story 4 and the sequel to Frozen.

Here are some of the classic Disney shows and films we're hoping to find on the streaming service *hint, hint*:

  • Even Stevens
  • The Proud Family 
  • Recess 
  • That's So Raven
  • Lizzie Mc Guire
  • Wizards of Waverly Place
  • The Cheetah Girls 
  • Get A Clue 
  • Halloweentown

Are you happy that you can watch all your favourite Disney shows and films on one subscription? We can't wait. Take our money now.

We can't wait/ need this. Take all our money now.

H/T: The Verge

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