There's A Rake Of New Disney Items On Sale In Penneys

There's A Rake Of New Disney Items On Sale In Penneys

Mrs. Pott is now available to buy from Penneys, as well as a host of other Disney themed merchandise. Judging by social media people are loving the new additions, perhaps their nostalgia buzz was rekindled after the live action remake of Beauty & The Beast, which came out earlier this year.

Mrs Pott will set you back 14 euro while a 'Chip' mug retails at €5, but surely if you get one you have to get the other.

Check out some of the other themed items they have in store:



There will also be a Cogsworth Clock which will go on sale in November. Lumiere is notable by his absence.

Pretty soon you'll be able to stage your own 'Penneys' version of Beauty & The Beast. And isn't that the ultimate fantasy?

Penneys are also selling Mickey & Minnie mouse themed baubles just in time for Christmas. Yes I am aware its September. This six pack of decorations is only five euro.

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Eoin Lyons

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