Dublin City Council Is Exploring Pedestrianising South William Street

Dublin City Council Is Exploring Pedestrianising South William Street

Great news for people who are looking for more craic out of their capital city: news reports today state that Dublin City Council is exploring making South William St a pedestrian street.

According to today's Times, the DCC will be including South William St in upcoming trials of pedestrianised zones.


This is a really interesting development for people who love socialising in the Dublin city centre. The DCC has explored many pedestrianising College Green in recent years to mixed effects. So much traffic runs through that area in front of Trinity that it's hard to know if the city council could ever really cut off traffic there.


South Willam Street is a different beast, though. The buzz on the street on a sunny day - which brings in the steps of Powerscourt and the side street out front of Grogans and Pygmalion and stretches down to the entrance of Clement and Pekoe  - really is the best Dublin has to offer. However the street is often ridiculously clogged with cars. The Brown Thomas car park feeds out onto the street and the street is often besieged with taxis and slowly moving cars, especially in the evening.

Think of the craic we'd gain if there was no traffic on it. The whole street could become an open bar on summer evenings. It'd be phenomenal.

Bring it on, we say (and so does Grogans).

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