Ticketmaster Release Warning About Buying Ed Sheeran Tickets

Ticketmaster Release Warning About Buying Ed Sheeran Tickets

It feels like the whole country is impatiently waiting to buy Ed Sheeran tickets tomorrow. You might want to double check how you plan on buying your tickets, as Ticketmaster has just introduced new anti-ticket touting measures to stop large amounts of tickets being sold and resold online.

Fans were thrilled when Sheeran announced seven Irish dates for his 2018 European tour in Cork, Galway, Belfast and Dublin. The tickets go on sale tomorrow morning - Saturday, 8th July - at 9 am and fans have been seen queuing in Cork to get their hands on tickets.


It's not all good news for Sheeran fans though. Fans might be under pressure to buy tickets in their own name under new Ticketmaster rules. The new rules brought in by Ticketmaster include:

  • The person who booked the tickets must be in attendance at the concert.
  • The name of the person booking the tickets will also have to bring ID to the concert to confirm they are the person who bought the tickets.
  • The number of tickets one person can buy is "strictly limited to four per person".

If a person cannot provide identification they will not be permitted into the concert. The company has said: "Tickets will become immediately invalid if resold or offered for resale". If you're looking to buy tickets for someone for the event, even if it's a present, you must also attend.

People attempting to buy tickets online in the run up to the concert should also be made aware of the new rules. According to Ed Sheeran's promotional company, the measures are enforced in order for fans not to get ripped off:

Ed and his team have a strict stance against anyone using secondary ticketing websites for profit. On this tour, any tickets that are resold will not be valid – this means no profit to touts and no one getting ripped off.

Do you think the clampdown is good news for fans or will it make it more difficult for young people to attend concerts if they cannot buy tickets themselves?

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