Dani and Jack Accused Of Faking Their Relationship For Work Commitments

Dani and Jack Accused Of Faking Their Relationship For Work Commitments

It's been a bit of a messy week for Dani and Jack after Dani revealed the pair had ended their relationship through a post on Instagram. While the dust settled and everyone scratched their heads, it turned out the pair were very much together.

Yesterday Dani posted an Instagram letting everyone know she's only twenty-two and "trying to get my shit together". Even dad Danny will appear on The Jonathan Ross Show this weekend to announce the pair haven't broken up.

While damage control has been in full swing, a source told The Sun that the couple is only reconciling in order to fulfill work commitments.

They’ve filmed a number of shows together, including the Love Island Christmas Reunion and their own reality series, and they are ruined if they don’t stay together. They were also just weeks away from presenting the red carpet coverage at the National Television Awards together, an impossible gig for them if they’re not in a relationship.

According to the source, Danny Dyer was asked to vouch for the legitimacy of their relationship:


Their reconciliation has only been for commercial reasons, they aren't genuinely in love and even had to rope in Danny Dyer to say they’re back together, rather than telling fans themselves.

Jack has stayed tight-lipped throughout the entire drama, only sharing an Instagram story of the pair in their flat. The couple has yet to respond to the allegations but isn't it time we all left Dani and Jack well and truly alone?

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