Shoppers Warned Against Buying Counterfeit Makeup Online

Shoppers Warned Against Buying Counterfeit Makeup Online

It's no news that we all love a bargain but the latest health report indicates spending a little bit extra on your cosmetics might save more than your skin.

According to the Health Products Regulatory Authority, 728 counterfeit products were seized last year most of which were eyeshadows and lip products.  The products contained harmful substances including arsenic and lead.

The most popular counterfeit products were of Kylie Jenners Cosmetic range and Urban Decay fakes which were found to contain harmful substances.

The dangerous chemicals inside counterfeit products can result in painful rashes, chemical burns and, in some cases, poisoning your body. Carcinogens, found in an unregulated product, can result in cancer.


If the original is out of your price range, try a dupe rather than risking your skin with a counterfeit and unregulated product.

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