Brothers Launch Find My Pint App In Dublin

Brothers Launch Find My Pint App In Dublin

Find My Jacket, Find My Keys, Find My Dignity. These are the apps yet to be invented but Irish brothers Sean and Barry Walsh have come together to release an app that helps punters find out where their favourite pints are being pulled.

'Find My Pint' was launched two weeks ago for iOS and Android allows users to search for a beer and discover pubs nearby with the beer on tap.

The app currently features hundreds of pubs in Dublin, Edinburgh and around Ireland. Pubs are able to manage their own tap list on the app free of charge and are being encouraged to sign up. The app is constantly updated with new pubs across Ireland and abroad.

Co-founder Sean Walsh brought the idea to his brother Barry. He had been working in Letterkenny and became fond of Scraggy Bay made by Donegal’s Kinnegar Brewing but was having trouble finding it on tap when he moved back to Dublin.

“I didn’t know where I could find the beer on tap in Dublin and thought it would be great if there was an app that could help me find it.”


There over 1,000 different beers listed on Find My Pint & since its launch just a couple weeks ago the app has been downloaded hundreds of times and met with highly positive feedback.

Just a quick shout out to any other entrepreneurial brothers at a loose end, I have a few ideas knocking around, give me a shout:

  1. Find My Marbles
  2. Find My Wi-Fi Code
  3. Find My Purpose
  4. Find My Other Sock
  5. Find My Charger

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