You Can Get Your Phone Screen Fixed For Free This Friday

You Can Get Your Phone Screen Fixed For Free This Friday

If you're the one in the Whatsapp group known for smashing your phone then you might want to check out this free service on Friday.

Vodafone Ireland is launching a new service that will allow smartphone holders the opportunity to fix their phone screens for free. The free repair service will be available this Friday, 5th October, in branches in Cork and Dublin -  Patrick's Street in Cork and Grafton Street in Dublin.

The service is part of Vodafone's new "2-hour fix and go" service which offers price-conscious customers the chance to fix their phone and their phone screens for as little as €69 with an extra warranty for their phone screen, so accident prone users won't have to worry. Smartphone holders from any network can use the service.

The repair service will also solve issues involving software bugs, poor battery life and audio faults.

During their research for the service, Vodafone discovered that 87% of Irish customers don’t hold insurance cover for their smartphone and 38% of customers have damaged their phone beyond use in the last 12 months.


The free service will be available from 12 - 3 pm, October 5. After this, the service will be available in Grafton Street and Cork's Patrick Street full time and slowly introduced to other stores around the country.

Water damaged handsets cannot be repaired and the cost of the phone repair will vary from model to model.

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