Black Mirror's Bandersnatch Is A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, Interactive Episode

Black Mirror's Bandersnatch Is A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, Interactive Episode

Finally the day is here! Netflix have released Bandersnatch, Black Mirror's choose-your-own-adventure episode! After months of circling rumours, we can safely say this is going to be one of the most life-changing TV experiences of our lives.

How does it work? - You ask. Well, through-out the entire episode you are given the chance to make the character's decisions for yourself, the first one being: Frosties or Sugar puffs? (Please take your time to answer carefully, breakfast is very important.)

The episode can take anywhere from 40 minutes, to 90 minutes to finish depending on the different choices you make, and there are FIVE different outcomes. FIVE! You only get one shot and making the decision as well, there's no going back on your word, or rewinding the episode to try and change the outcome. But, of course, when you finish the episode, you can always restart it and make all the opposite decision to see what else can happen. We're going to be glued to the screen for days.

This new feature has reeked havok for people on twitter. Some aren't sure whether they're enjoying all this control or if they're afraid they've taken it too far. Either way, all the reactions are pretty hilarious. Without causing to many spoilers, here's just a few reactions:


This new feature gives you a scary amount of control, and knowing Black Mirror, something crazy will end up happening and it'll all be your fault. But hey, that's what makes it fun, right?

If you're daring enough to try the interactive episode, I urge you to. We're living in the future!

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