LGBTQ+ Fans Forcibly Removed By Security During Dua Lipa Concert

LGBTQ+ Fans Forcibly Removed By Security During Dua Lipa Concert

Dua Lipa's first tour of China took a dangerous turn during her show in Shanghai on Tuesday night. The performer, whose shows are known for their high energy, was left visibly shaken by the actions of the venue's security and local police.

According to eyewitnesses present at the concert, fans of the singer who danced during the performance or waved Pride flags were forcibly removed from the arena. In videos shared online, fans can be seen dragged from their seats as the music cuts out from the stage.

Visibly distressed by the actions of police and security, Dua Lipa continued with the concert and asked for everyone to be able to enjoy themselves: "...I want to create a really safe environment for us all to have fun. I want us all to dance, I want us all to sing, I just want us all to have a really good time".


Through a post on Twitter the singer revealed she was horrified by what she saw and hopes to return to Shanghai when the time is right and see a room full of rainbows - a symbol of LGBTQ+ pride:

China's strict moral code, influenced by its conservative government, means that conversion therapy is commonly practiced in hospitals and clinics. The medieval process aims to change a person's sexuality from gay or bisexual to heterosexual. Electroshock therapy can also feature as part of the treatment.

According to Human Rights Watch, back in May in Xi'an, LGBT groups had their meetings canceled by authorities and a popular dating app for gay women was shut down. Shanghai is typically considered the most tolerant LGBTQ+ city in China.

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