German Chocolate Factory's 'Small Defect' Leaves Streets Covered In Chocolate

German Chocolate Factory's 'Small Defect' Leaves Streets Covered In Chocolate

What with climate change taking an increasingly devastating toll on the planet, it seems that it is only a matter of time before vast swathes of what we've come to know as 'civilisation' are engulfed in massive floods.

If we are to accept this as an inevitably then I suppose it is not unreasonable to ask what would be your preferred fluid to be engulfed in? With the risk of alienating the lactose intolerant and vegans I would say that quite high up on most people's lists, would be 'molten milk chocolate'.

Now, if we are to ignore how incredibly unlikely and unreasonable a scenario it would be for climate change to, for some inexplicable reason, bring about some kind of world-engulfing cocoa-based tsunami, and briefly give air to the possibility of this idea - then a town in Germany has had but a taste of what such a chocolatey cataclysm would be like.

A chocolate factory in the German town of Westoennen, reported - what it described as a 'small technical defect', but which I think it's plain to see, given the fact that there is a literal river of coagulated chocolate engulfing a street, was quite sizeable. We can only marvel at, and envy, the garrulous optimism of the DreiMaster chocolate factory PR team. To stare at a photo of a street, brimming with firefighters each attempting to batter apart several metric tonnes of solidified chocolate off a busy road, and to pass it off as a 'small technical defect' is the purest example I can think of to show the human spirit's infinite capacity for hope.


The chocolate apparently leaked from one of the company's storage tanks and, after meeting the cold pavement, solidified rapidly. Though it has since been alternately chiselled and blasted away by firefighters.

To see the photos of the incident visit The Guardian.

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Rory McNab

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