The Government May Legalise Medical Cannabis

The Government May Legalise Medical Cannabis

A bill to make cannabis available for medicinal use has passed unopposed in the Dáil. People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny put forward the bill that seeks to legalise and regulate cannabis products intended for medical purposes.

RTÉ reported that Mr Kenny praised the Minister for Health, Simon Harris, for his position in not opposing the bill, and thanked all who supported the legislation.

The bill is intended to make cannabis available to people suffering from chronic pain, epilepsy, MS, and cancer. It will be dispensed under a doctor's recommendation and regulated as any other medicine would be. Mr Kenny expressed his hopes that the medical profession would support the use of the drug once it has been approved by the Health Products Regulatory Authority.


Amendments may have to be made to the proposed bill to avoid accidentally making cannabis legal for recreational use.

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Kyle Mulholland

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