The Host Involved In That Creepy Ben Affleck Interview Has Come To His Defence

The Host Involved In That Creepy Ben Affleck Interview Has Come To His Defence

A Canadian tv host who was at the centre of a very strange, 13-year-old, Ben Affleck interview that resurfaced online last night has defended him, saying that it was being taken 'completely out of context.'

The controversy for Affleck began when Rose McGowan called out him earlier this week for his silence around Harvey Weinstein's inappropriate behaviour towards women. Affleck then found himself further embroiled when former One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton accused him of groping her breast on MTV's TRL in 2003.

The actor tweeted an apology on Wednesday, saying he acted inappropriately. However, this peculiar Canadian TV interview from years ago then started to come into focus.

The interview featured host Anne-Marie Losique sitting on Affleck's lap, while he talked about her breasts and held her. Although it was online for over 10 years it spread across the internet like wildfire last night, with everyone wondering what the hell was going on.

It really makes for squeamish viewing.


Losique has since clarified its context however, telling the Hollwood Reporter 'I can't say I am thrilled to have that interview mixed in with the other stories because I don't think that is at all the same thing.'

You have to understand that we have done dozens and dozens of interviews like that. It was for a show I was producing, so I was not at all a victim. When the cameras rolled, we would start to do that game. As soon as it stopped rolling, there was none of that. He never touched me in any improper way. He was very respectful, I must say.

In a seperate interview with she said that she thought the interview was funny and that is was fondly remembered in Quebec. She told the Hollywood Reporter that there were 20 people in the room at the time and added 'I know that people like fishing for anything, but this is completely out of context. I would like this to not have any negative impact on him. I find it sad.'

So while Affleck may not have acted inappropriately in the interview, you'd have to say the people of Quebec have a weird interpretation of what makes good television. Here's another strange encounter between the two.


Meanwhile, Rose Mc Gowan has revealed on Instagram that she been temporarily banned from posting on Twitter for apparently 'violating' their terms and conditions after she called out Affleck:

The director, producer, and actor is known for condemnation of Hollywood's elites after alleging sexual harassment and assault by Harvey Weinstein when she filmed Scream in 1997.

Rose revealed on Twitter what Ben Affleck said to her before she appeared at a press conference to discuss the allegations she made towards Weinstein:



Twitter describes the violation of the companies terms and conditions as to "inhibit other people's ability to express themselves freely" or to use abusive language but it is unknown exactly why the account was frozen. Twitter has lit up with fans and supporters of McGowan voicing their concern over the temporary ban when she's openly highlighting sexual violence whereas figures such as Donald Trump continue to freely tweet:



Her sister in art and life Holly Marie Combs - the two starred alongside one another in Charmed - also tweeted her anger over Rose being silenced:

The list of actresses speaking out against Harvey Weinstein continues to grow by the hour and many are hoping that the tide is turning and Hollywood's dark underbelly is finally being brought to light.


Mark Farrelly

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