Police Investigating Human Bone Found In Sock

Police Investigating Human Bone Found In Sock

It’s a lovely feeling putting on a fresh new pair of socks for the first time, a simple life pleasure. So you can only imagine one customer's horror as they go to push their feet into their shiny new socks only to find a human bone.

Police in the UK are now investigating this incident. Essex police state that the socks were bought from the Colchester store on 10th December last year and the incident was reported on the 2nd of January.

A spokesperson for Essex Police stated:

“Detectives are continuing to investigate following the discovery of what is believed to be part of a human bone in a pair of Primark socks. The bone does not appear to be as a result of recent trauma and had no skin or other particles surrounding it. We are liaising with the store who, in turn, are speaking to their suppliers for information on the incident”

A spokesperson for Primark has started the following:

“Primark clearly takes this matter very seriously and has already carried out an investigation at our supplier’s factory where the socks were made.

"No evidence of any kind exists to suggest that any incident has occurred in the factory, so it is highly probable that this object was placed in the socks by an individual for unknown reasons."
He added: "Primark has been the subject of isolated incidents in the past which have subsequently been found to have been hoaxes.

"The factory has been used by other retailers and subject of many audits over many years. Primark sincerely apologises to the customer who found the item for any distress caused."


Whether it is a hoax or not, I will remain cautious next time I plunge my feet into my new pair of socks, turn them inside out give them a wash or better still stay barefoot.



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Deirdre Kelly

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