Man Treats “Semenly” Harmless Back Pain By Injecting Semen

Man Treats “Semenly” Harmless Back Pain By Injecting Semen

Now it's safe to say that our hospitals have come across some strange cases over the years. Objects stuck in body cavities where they shouldn’t be and the likes. A recent case where it has been revealed that a patient had been treating his chronic back pain by injecting semen takes strange cases to a whole other level.

A report published in the Irish Medical Journal (IMJ) details a 33-year-old male presenting at Tallaght University Hospital with complaints of severe and sudden onset lower back pain. The physical examination showed that the patient had abnormal skin tissue on one of his arms. It was then that the patient disclosed that he had injected himself with his own semen in an attempt to treat his longstanding back pain. Needless to say, the man had devised this “cure” independent of any medical advice.

When questioned further on his self administered “cure”, the patient revealed that this was not a one-off. He revealed that he had injected one monthly “dose” of his own semen for 18 consecutive months using a needle he purchased online.

It is no secret that a quick Google search can expose you to a wide range of strange “alternative therapies” some of which do involve bodily fluids. Urotherapy, or drinking your own urine alone returns 21,900,000 search results from health blogs discussing and questioning its benefits. The long and short of it is unless your arm is trapped under a rock and you are about to die of dehydration don’t drink the toxins your body has worked hard to expel, its bad for you!

To try and find out more on how this patient came up with this unusual “cure” for his chronic back pain doctors reviewed online medical material as well as a wider internet search. They found no cases of semen injections into humans for health benefits.

The report also states that this case demonstrated the dangers when an individual that is untrained creates their own cures and injects themselves with substances.


Don’t try this one at home, I repeat don’t try this at home!

H/T: RTÉ News

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Deirdre Kelly

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