WTF: Woman Causes Upset For Creating "IRA" Commemorative Dolls

WTF: Woman Causes Upset For Creating "IRA" Commemorative Dolls

There are strange and scary things happening in the world and then there's this.

According to the Independent, a Scottish mum has been blasted for selling Irish Republican dolls. Mariea Hughes makes the dolls in honour of the Cumann na mBan, an Irish republican women's group lauded for its role in the 1916 Easter Rising, but banned in the UK under the Terrorism Act. The Cumann na mBan was apart of the IRA in Northern Ireland but existed as a separate group in the Republic.

The dolls in question wear black coats and miniskirts, sunglasses and a plastic gun. The dolls are available for €118 each.

According to the Sunday Post the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation For Peace , a charity set up after the 1993 bombing in Warrington, said the doll would upset victims of the Troubles. The chief executive Nick Taylor said:

“Symbolism plays an important part in the politics of Northern Ireland and has been a source of debate and conflict whether that be to do with flags, parades, language or even colours...If we are to build a lasting peace, then we need to be sensitive to those affected by the past, and anyone producing a doll that associates with violence and holds a gun is bound to cause controversy and upset amongst victims and survivors.”

Hughes said about the dolls: "It isn't the first or last time I'll honour them or their cause." and told those who don't understand the 'cause should "read a history book".

The doll concept has been considered bizarre or shameful by many online:




What do you think of this doll malarky? Is it insensitive? 



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