Ireland's Friendliest Town Has Been Revealed And It's Pretty Surprising

Ireland's Friendliest Town Has Been Revealed And It's Pretty Surprising

To be honest I would have Wexford as the most affable place. To be fair the Irish are a quite genial bunch. However, Ennis in County Clare has been named the friendliest place in Ireland by Retail Ireland's Excellence Awards.

The award ceremony took place last Saturday, and marked the “significant contribution being made by retailers, city and county councils in driving standards”.

The winner was chosen based on county councils and local enterprise offices nominations.

David Fitzsimons CEO of Retail Excellence said of the winner and Ireland's overall reputation as a friendly nation:

Ireland is renowned the world over for its warm welcome and hospitality to all.

This is particularly evident in retail operations throughout every village, town and city in the country and Ennis demonstrates this in abundance.

Ennis and Clare County Council can be proud of this achievement and the team at Retail Excellence would like to commend them for their very significant efforts.


So there you have it. Know anyone from Ennis? Are they particularly nice? If not then why not write a strongly worded letter to Mr. Fitzsimons detailing your concern. There has to be some arseholes hiding in Ennis. Perhaps the county council hid them all in a big warehouse for the duration of the competition.

Look it's just a theory, but it might be worth looking into.

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