The Irish Catholic Church Wants Us To Have A G-Rated Valentine's Day

The Irish Catholic Church Wants Us To Have A G-Rated Valentine's Day

For all of you thinking this Valentine's Day is an opportunity to have premarital relations with your significant other, think again. You should be doing nothing more than giving your boyfriend or girlfriend a tender hug or a hand-in-hand walk, says the Church. The Irish Catholic Church Valentine's Day campaign has been revealed and it's everything we could've dreamed of and more.

Instead of bumping uglies all day long on February 14, why not set aside time for prayer? Or take a "journey down memory lane"? Simply give your partner some special Catholic Church-approved gift tokens and let the fun begin.


Here's the full list of special gifts that money clearly cannot buy:
– A technology-free evening to do an activity of your choice
– Set aside time for prayer
– Go for a hand-in-hand walk together
– A special dinner cooked by me
– Loads of tender hugs
– A journey down memory lane: take time to remember how we met and have grown together

You can print them off from the World Meeting 2018 website right now or go to your local cathedral but hurry because they're probably flying off the tabernacle as we speak.


Wait! There's more: each token also contains tips from Pope Francis on the secrets to a successful relationship.

And if you don't have that special someone this Valentine's Day, fear not: there's a prayer available for those "seeking a spouse".

Bless y'all.

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