An Irish College Has Deadly Superbug Bacteria All Over Its Campus

An Irish College Has Deadly Superbug Bacteria All Over Its Campus

We're under no impression that colleges are the cleanest places on earth. After all, they're filled with students who are often recovering from hangovers and other illnesses, and see thousands of people walk through the gates every day. But what we're not cool with is that an unnamed Irish college has deadly superbug bacteria floating around...

According to new research by antimicrobial experts Kastus, there are some seriously disgusting superbugs lurking on a third-level Irish college. They found traces of MRSA (basically what causes staph infections) on mobile phones, laptops, ATMs, floors, elevator buttons and toilet door handles across the campus.


The study was carried out over a two-week period in October 2016, reports the Irish Independent. But that's not all. Oh no, there was faecal matter and other potentially harmful bacteria on elevator buttons as well as flesh-eating Listeria on ATMs and salmonella on computer keyboards.

Just another good reason to skip college, amirite?

But in all seriousness, this is why hand sanitiser and staying away from the general public when you're sick is so important.

Kastus CEO John Browne told "When we set out to fund this research project, we expected to see a certain level of harmful bacteria but what was actually discovered is truly shocking, but we believe this is no different to what we would find in any UK, US or Irish public building.

"These bacteria can make people very sick and can ultimately kill".

BRB, scrubbing my body head-to-toe.


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