Irish Student Ends A Project X House Party By Using A Rifle

Irish Student Ends A Project X House Party By Using A Rifle

Out of hand parties have become a bit of a popular trend after the success of the 2012 film Project X. The movie is about three friends who throw a party to gain popularity, the likes of which nobody has ever seen and, of course, ends in chaos. Many of theses project x style parties have happened in Ireland and family homes are destroyed with thousands of euro worth of damage.

According to the Independent, a court was told how in 2016 a student from Louth came home from a night out to find over 200 young people invading his home. The student used his father's rifle in order to clear out the crowds from his home.

Aaron Nordon, a 21-year-old film studies student, from Co Louth, admitted to unauthorised possession of a licensed firearm on the night of the party. Nordon's parents were away when the news of a 'free house' was shared on social media and over 200 people showed up. Nordon and his friends were at the pub when he returned to the house to find the large crowd of people. Unable to get the crowds to leave his home, Nordon used his father's unloaded rifle.

Teenagers filmed Nordon as he attempted to make them leave and a passing Garda patrol saw the crowds of people, ended the party, and issued a summons. Nordon, a film studies student, has never been in trouble before and has no previous convictions, according to solicitor Conor MacGuill.

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