Wrap Up: Snow, Storms And Freezing Temperatures Expected For The Remainder Of 2017

Wrap Up: Snow, Storms And Freezing Temperatures Expected For The Remainder Of 2017

Christmas 2017 wasn't covered in snow but the weather is expected to be bitter over the coming days. According to Met Éireann, frost and freezing temperatures were found across Ireland this morning and the rest of the week, degree wise, looks set to be in the minus:


Although a frosty start, Wednesday will be mainly bright but with cold temperatures ranging from three to five degrees.  According to Met Eireann, temperatures will drop to as low as minus four tonight with icy roads and fog expected. There'll be some heavy showers, especially in the north, west, and Midlands but they'll be confined to Ulster and north Connacht overnight.


A frosty and foggy morning with outbreaks that will spread from Munster and Connacht during the afternoon to Leinster in the late evening. Met Eireann say the rain will turn to sleet and snow in the evening and will continue overnight, especially in Ulster and Leinster.


Scattered winter showers will cover the country before a dry spell develops in the late morning.  The rain is expected to return in the evening. Sleet and snow will be mixed with the rain throughout the day. The rain and snow will clear overnight but temperatures will drop to near freezing.



A stormy day is expected for some parts of the country with strong southwest winds at first. The winds will have the potential to reach gale force over the Midlands with heavy rain and snow. The northern half of the country is likely to be worst affected but temperatures will range from nine to 11 degrees.


New Year's Eve is expected to be a chilly day with southwest winds and showers expected. Temperatures will remain just above freezing overnight.

Garret Farrell

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