Irish Weather Set To Reach 16 Degrees This Weekend

Irish Weather Set To Reach 16 Degrees This Weekend

Who would have thought this time last year that we would be expecting a mini Indian Summer exactly a year from when we were all rationing milk and bread, battling through one of the worse snow storms in years - the Beast from the East.

How things have drastically changed. This time around, instead of getting cold winds from the east, high pressure is making its way towards us from the Mediterranean bringing warm air in our direction. We are expecting to see temperatures hit a shocking 16 degrees by the end of this week. Anything above 12 is pretty much considered a heatwave at this point.

Met Éireann have given a very hopeful forecast for the weekend ahead.

They've reported that Thursday will start out quite misty, will patches of rain across the country, cloudy in parts, but it will soon start to clear with temperatures reaching 12/13 degrees during the day. Sunny spells will start appearing and the night will be mild with light drizzle.

Friday will see temperatures slowly etching toward the 16 mark, making its way to 13/14, with dry and mild weather. Mainly dry and mild over night.

Saturday is where the party begins. Met Éireann reported:

Breezy with fresh and gusty southerly winds. Dry and bright to start in all areas. Some sunny spells too, best in the eastern half of the country. Some showery rain is set to develop in Atlantic coastal counties during the second half of the day. Highs of 13 to 16 C., best in sunshine.



Time to get the suncream out! We'll be heading down to the beach Saturday afternoon with a barbecue in hand, grilling up a storm.

It looks like the weather will stay the same for Sunday, with temperatures leveling at 13/14 degrees.

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