Get Your Shorts Out: This Week Is Set To Be A Scorcher

Get Your Shorts Out: This Week Is Set To Be A Scorcher

Once again, after a glorious end to May, the sun decided to do a 360-degree turn and left us all hanging. None of us really know the temperatures that we'll expect to face on the daily. Well, we have good news! According to Met Éireann temperatures are set to rise over 20 degrees for Irish weather this week - Yaas!

Although a few mild showers will appear in coastal countries throughout the week, dry weather will persist. The highest temperatures will take place from Wednesday (20 C) to Sunday (20 C).  The heaviest rainfall will be on Wednesday night but will clear before dawn. The lowest temperatures will be 10 C.

The weekend is set to be dry with a few occasional sunny spells. Temperatures will remain in the high teens and above 20 C. Wind and breezes will occur throughout the week in coastal areas.

This week, if we're lucky, we might actually make the beach!


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Garret Farrell

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