'We Don't Let To Anyone From Your Country' Irish Woman Refused Accommodation In Oz

'We Don't Let To Anyone From Your Country' Irish Woman Refused Accommodation In Oz

An Irish woman has been refused accommodation in Australia on the basis of her nationality.

Megan, who has been living in Australia for a few years, was told in no uncertain terms 'No,' when she enquired about renting a property in Melbourne.

Megan had been travelling along Western Australia and when she returned to the city, began looking for a place to stay before she got back working.

However, according to, she got a firm rejection from one landlord. Megan shared a screenshot of the message on Facebook which reads.

Hi Megan, thanks' for your enquiry. We have had Irish tenants at this property in the past, but alas they always turned they house into their local bar / rowdy social hub. I'm sure your not like this, but after being bitten several times I have made it a policy not to let to anyone from your country.


Earlier this year, an Australian Minister apologised for making racist comments about Irish people. During a press conference about a series of scams being carried out in Melbourne, the Minister controversially said: 'If anybody knocks on your door that has an Irish accent, automatically ask them to leave.'

For years, Irish people have carved out new lives for themselves in Australia. In April, the Australian Immigration authorities announced a number of changes to their immigration policies, restricting rules around visas.

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