90s Kids Rejoice: The Den's 'Kevin From Galway' Has Been Found!!!

90s Kids Rejoice: The Den's 'Kevin From Galway' Has Been Found!!!

If you don't know about The Den, then you can just leave right now. The longest-running children's TV show on RTE, it was an institution for kids all over Ireland. And Kevin from Galway was basically the reason we watched. His true identity was always shrouded in mystery, until now... HE'S BEEN FOUND.

Kevin From Galway Found:

Kevin from Galway has been found by former RTÉ presenter Francie Boylan after 13 years. If you've still no feckin' idea who we're talking about, watch this video or be banished forever:

Apparently Kevin from Galway loves a drink:


Francie said an interview and a video with Ireland's greatest TV star is coming very soon.


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