Maynooth Student Kym Owens Is Back On Facebook And Looking Much Better

Maynooth Student Kym Owens Is Back On Facebook And Looking Much Better

It was a story that shocked fellow students and the general public alike: a young college student was walking to her university accommodation when she suffered horrific injuries from an alleged assault. Kym Owens was just 18 in November last year when she got off a bus and became unconscious. She then spent 3 months in an induced coma due to her injuries, but thankfully we have a happy Kym Owens update: she's now at home and back on Facebook.

In a series of photos on her public account, Kym looks healthy, happy and enjoying herself like any 18-year-old should. According to the Irish Mirror, Gardai are still waiting to interview her about what happened that day, as they need to establish whether she was in fact attacked, and by whom, or if she just had a horrible fall.

A source told Dublin Live that there’s a high probability Kym may not recall what happened.

The source said: “Gardai are still waiting to interview Kym. She suffered really bad head injuries and officers are believed to be waiting to get the go ahead from medical professionals looking after her.

“What happened to her that night last November is still not clear.


“There are three theories. One is that she was violently attacked, secondly that she tripped and fell and thirdly that a truck with a heavy load went past and something on the vehicle knocked her to the ground.”

The source added: “The chances are that she may not recall what happened as her head injuries were so bad. Only time will tell".

We hope justice can be served for Kym and she continues to recover well.


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