'Urgent Appeal' For Exam Correctors One Week Before The Leaving Cert Begins

'Urgent Appeal' For Exam Correctors One Week Before The Leaving Cert Begins

An urgent appeal for written exam correctors from the State Examinations Commission (SEC) has been issued ahead of next weeks Leaving Cert which begins next Wednesday.

The post on the SEC website insists they are only looking for teachers regardless of if they're retired or newly qualified. Nine subjects, in particular, are in need of exam correctors:

  • Leaving and Junior Certificate Spanish
  • Leaving and Junior Certificate German
  • Leaving Certificate Business
  • Leaving and Junior Certificate Irish
  • Leaving and Junior Certificate Italian
  • Leaving and Junior Certificate Home Economics
  • Junior Certificate CSPE
  • Junior Certificate Religious Education
  • Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level Mathematics

The application form for exam correctors was initially meant to be returned no later than the 31st of January 2017. The SEC stated that the involvement of teachers in the marking system was "crucial" and that recruitment has annually ran right up to the start of the marking process.

The urgent appeal comes four months later and just a week before 100,000 students will sit their Leaving and Junior Cert exams.

The application form states that marking conferences will be held up until the 14th of July for new applicants.


The results of the Leaving Cert are issued in August and the Junior Cert results are issued in September. Here is the SEC form to apply to be an exam marker.

h/t: The Journal

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