The 2020 Leaving Cert Will Feature A Brand New Exam Subject

The 2020 Leaving Cert Will Feature A Brand New Exam Subject

Any computer science geeks here?

You'll be raging to know that you missed the boat when it came in the Leaving Cert. Could have been an easy A!

Students will be sitting the first ever computerised Leaving Cert exam in 2020.

Big changes will be rolled out across secondary schools in autumn where a computer science curriculum will be introduced for the first time.

Fifth-year students will learn how computing technology effects the world and how to apply programming and computational thinking to problems.

The subject will also incorporate practices and principles of computer science, programming languages, with students also learning how to read, write, test and modify computer programmes.

Forty schools will be sitting the exam, which will be computer based and worth 70% of the marks. Students will also have to submit coursework which will be assessed, and contribute towards 30% of the marks.


The coursework will be a computational artefact, like a web page, game, digital animation, simulation, app or robotic system.

Students must also submit reports of the work they carried out and how they carried it out which will also go towards their final marks.

More than a dozen schools in Dublin will begin teaching computerised science in September, while seven in Cork will also roll out the new curriculum.

On the new changes to the Leaving Cert curriculum, Education Minister, Richard Bruton said:

There is a digital revolution taking place, which is having a transformative effect on our economy, workplace, and lifestyle. In order to be the best in Europe, our education system must respond to these changes.

The introduction of this new subject will teach our young people flexible, solution-oriented thinking. It will teach them to be creative, adaptable learners.

H/T: Irish Examiner 

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