Lidl To Bring In Online Shopping For Dublin Area

Lidl To Bring In Online Shopping For Dublin Area

Whether you're bogged down with work, too hungover, too much of a mess, or just too god damn lazy to leave your house to go do the dreaded weekly shop (happens to the best of us), Lidl has the solution to your problems.

With technology advancing so much these days, we almost never actually need to leave our house. Almost everything can be brought to you by the click of a button. Clothes, pots, pans, wardrobes, pizza, shoes, literally ANYTHING. Now Lidl has jumped on the bandwagon and is bringing its services to our front door.

Yes, Tesco already had this idea, but we all know that they are completely different. Nobody really does their full shop in Tesco, unless it's payday and you're prepared to splash a bit of cash. This is why Lidl has always been my favourite supermarket because everything is almost definitely cheaper than anywhere else (and also their bakery is to die for.)

The service will be brought to you by a company that is similar enough to Deliveroo in a sense. Buymie is a company that will get you a 'picker' who will go to your local Lidl, do your shopping, and drive it to your kitchen just in time for dinner.

Speaking to the Irish Times, the head of e-commerce at Lidl said: 'Our decision to partner with a dedicated on-demand service provider allows us to continue to invest in our expanding network of stores and also provides a real differentiator in the online grocery delivery market'


The minimum order will be 20 euro, with delivery ranging from 3.99 to 6.99, and shoppers will also be charged a 'platform fee' to Buymie, which will range from 9.75% to 14.75%.

Lidl making our lives that little bit easier once again.

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Grainne Sharkey

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