Lidls Watch Out! Snow On The Way For Parts Of Ireland Tonight

Lidls Watch Out! Snow On The Way For Parts Of Ireland Tonight

For those of you who have been outdoors before you might've noticed that all around you was, a little something, that we like to call 'the weather'. Now, nobody really knows where the weather comes from or why it's there, but I believe that, currently, the most supported scientific theory as to why there's weather is 'to give strangers who have run out of things to say to one another something to talk about'.

That seems as good an explanation as any to explicate the existence of weather. Well, if variety is the spice of life, then 'the weather' offers a thunderingly well-stocked spice-rack of variety. While there is a lot of dross in there: mist being chives; drizzle being parsley; fog, cress - there are some absolute belters in there. For instance, I think we can all agree that sunshine is very pleasant, so it perhaps get one of the better spices, like paprika.

However, I will personally slap anyone about/ hire a physically competent man to do this for me, if you are to try deny the fact that the best weather is anything other than snow. It is the chili flakes of weather. It is supreme.

Well then good news, as Met Éireann have announced that parts of the country are set to be covered in chili flakes/ snow tonight.


The winter has thusfar been distressingly mild, however things have turned colder over the last few days. With a weather front coming in from the West bringing precipitation that, according to Met Éireann could fall as sleet or snow in parts of Connaught, Ulster and the midlands.

However, any snowfall will be at best a cursory affair and will likely disappear by tomorrow afternoon. However there could be a chance of more snow on the way next week with conditions looking unsettled, though it is apparently still too early to tell for sure.

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Rory McNab

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