Love Island Star 'Rushed To Hospital After Nearly Dying'

Love Island Star 'Rushed To Hospital After Nearly Dying'

Jon Clark, a runner-up from the first season of the rebooted Love Island was rushed to hospital after suffering anaphylactic shock from a bee sting.

The 28 year old described, who is currently appearing on TOWIE, told fans that his arm began to swell up after being stung by a bee before he noticed his breathing becoming difficult several hours later with the rest of his body beginning to swell.

He described in a post how he "couldn't breathe" and that his "neck had started to swell up" and he 'genuinely thought he was going to die'. His post in its full un-spell-checked glory can be seen here.

He also posted a photograph to Snapchat after being stabilised in hospital.


He has reportedly been discharged from hospital and will make a complete recovery.

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