Maynooth Law Department Apologise For Tweet Sent To Student

Maynooth Law Department Apologise For Tweet Sent To Student

Maynooth University's Department of Law has apologised to a student following a reply they received when enquiring about exam timetables on Twitter.  The original tweet to the valid query regarding timetables for upcoming exams read:

"Hi Clare. First, we don't make the timetable. Second, assuming you have been studying all year, and not leaving things to the last minute, it shouldn't be a problem. Third, you do remember the Leaving Cert, right?"

Following backlash, this tweet was deleted at 2 am on Saturday morning.  Maynooth's Law Department issued an apology to Clare yesterday stating that the tweet which was intended to be funny was ill-judged and unthoughtful.

Now, I like to think I have a good sense of humour, albeit a slightly dark sense of humour at times, however, there is nothing remotely funny about this tweet. It is patronising but it highlights a common issue in academia. There is a level of emotional intelligence needed to be in student-facing positions. This tweet that shames a student for asking a valid question shows an obvious lack of emotional intelligence and empathy for students.


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