The Amount Of Irish Students Seeking Help For Mental Health Issues Has Risen

The Amount Of Irish Students Seeking Help For Mental Health Issues Has Risen

College can be stressful, whether your a fresher or final year student. But for those stepping on campus for the first time it can be especially anxious. Moving from home, living with new people and being in charge of your own schedule can seem daunting, & sometimes it can have an adverse effect on your mental health.

This month, USI released data showing 74% of students fear experiencing negative mental health in the future. And with almost 75% of all mental disorders emerging between ages 15 and 25.

Dr Declan Aherne of the University Of Limerick confirmed to the Irish Examiner that 1,100 students used the counselling services in the university last year, representing 8%-10% of the on-campus population. “Eight years ago, it would have been 500. Numbers have more than doubled in the last eight years, yet numbers attending university haven’t doubled.”

Across all third-level colleges, 15,000 young people attend counselling services annually. “All colleges have seen huge increases in the last 10 years. It tells us young people are ripe and ready and willing to talk about their problems,” says Aherne.

Elsewhere, Union of Students in Ireland (USI) president Michael Kerrigan spoke about the pros & cons of transitioning into college life. “Many students enjoy the intellectual challenge of study, opting for courses and subjects that match their interests. However, adapting to academic study and understanding what’s expected of you can be intimidating.”


While the rise in mental issues can be seen as a negative it can also be because more people are actually talking openly about any problems they may have and are seeking help. In their piece, the Examiner also spoke to other colleges about what they're doing to promote mental health and tackle any issues. It's well worth a read.

Also Students should check out for more information & help on minding their mental health.

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