Met Éireann Has Issued A New Weather Warning For Tomorrow

Met Éireann Has Issued A New Weather Warning For Tomorrow

They say extreme weather events are a lot like buses; they're awful to be in and they inexplicably make some people act mentally. Well, Met Éireann, who have essentially been promoted to the status of gods over the past week, have announced that there is yet more weather coming which they are behooven to warn us about.

The yellow weather warning comes into effect tonight at midnight and remains in place for the duration of the day tomorrow. They are warning of exceptionally heavy rain for all of Munster and most of Leinster and felt it was necessary to issue the warning.

"But how much rain are they predicting? Should I start constructing some form of rudimentary ark? Is this yet another sign of the fact that we are almost certainly living in the end times?" To answer these in reverse order: maybe; no; and about 30-50mm.


Things are sure to get, and anyone who knows me will assure you that I do not use this phrase lightly, positively moist. It is certainly only a matter of time before we see an RTÉ feature of Teresa Mannion reporting from the midst of the deluge in some shoddy canoe.

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Rory McNab

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