A Motorway Had To Close After A Tanker Spilled 32,000 Litres Of Gin

A Motorway Had To Close After A Tanker Spilled 32,000 Litres Of Gin

While this may sound like something from a new RSA ad to make some metaphorical point about drink-driving - that I think we would all label 'extreme', even by their standards - it is a thing that has happened in the actual reality that we inhabit.

More specifically in Cheshire, England.

At around 17:30 yesterday evening a section of M6 motorway in Cheshire was closed due to a collision. The collision was seemingly the result of a lorry crashing into the back of a tanker vehicle - thankully, nobody was injured in this collision.

From this tanker some 32,000 litres of, what was described by the attendant police as, 'concentrated gin' began to leakI have never heard of 'concentrated gin', but I can only assume that 32,000 litres of it would be an absoluetly unruly amount of the stuff.

So potent is concentrated gin that their initial Tweet - rather than warning commuters of the imminent arrival of a frenzied horde bearing a healthy supply of segmented limes, cucumber slices, and perhaps another lorry and a tonic tanker to rear-end - warned commuters of a crash resulting in a leak of a large quantity of 'highly flammable liquid'.


They later said that the spill had been cleared and that the motorway had reopened. However, that will almost certainly not be enough to stop those out there determined to suckle some residual concentrated gin from the asphalt.

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Rory McNab

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