Nadine Coyle Has Responded To That Viral Video Of Her Saying 'FloOoEueur'

Nadine Coyle Has Responded To That Viral Video Of Her Saying 'FloOoEueur'

You know it's going to be a good day when Nadine Coyle is trending. Two days ago Nadine Coyle went viral once again, 17 years after that iconic passport scene.

The singer was appearing on Sunday Brunch when one Twitter user caught her famous Derry/ Californian accent brilliantly pronouncing the word 'flour' like its never been pronounced before.

It became such a viral moment that the lads over on Spin 1038 decided to remix Nadine's 'fleour' with Little Mix's 'Power' and it's everything:


Fans of the doughy moment hilariously recreated their own version:

Nadine noticed the trending video and decided to respond on Twitter, jokingly calling everyone "mad eejits":


Of course, people were quick to notify Nadine of what she wasn't getting:

Nadine has become a pop cultural obsession for more than just her singing voice. The singer was struck with controversy back in 2001 when she fibbed about her age on the Irish version of Pop Stars. The scene when she reveals the wrong date of birth and frantically searches for her passport has gone as one of the greatest moments in Irish pop history.


Thankfully, the Derry native takes everything in her stride. Recently Spicebag, a monthly Dublin comedy show, tributed their night to her birthday - fifteen of the sixth, '85, making her a Gemini. The singer retweeted the shoutout from Spicebag with a laughing emoji:

The singer is currently playing at Pride festivals around Ireland and the UK and will play Mothers Pride block party in Dublin on the 30th.

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