Nadine Coyle Said 'Flour' Again On This Morning And Everyone Lost It

Nadine Coyle Said 'Flour' Again On This Morning And Everyone Lost It

The word flour hasn't been on so many lips since gluten-free became a global phenomenon. Adding to the flour canon is none other than Nadine Coyle, the former Girls Aloud member turned solo singer.

Only a month ago Nadine made headlines for her pronunciation of "flour" when she appeared on RTÉ's Sunday Brunch. Nadine's was discussing how she liked "baking and stuff, working with fleour" when a social media storm erupted.

Today the singer used her Irish American accent to give the viewer what they really wanted on ITV's This Morning - her saying flour once more.

After an interview with Ruth and Eamon discussing her role in Pin Cushion, Nadine and Eamon asked the Loose Women panel what was coming up on Monday's show. Known for their tongue in cheek humor, the panel were more interested in hearing Nadine say 'flour' for the second time. A good sport and laughing with the panel, Nadine obliged. Fans anticipated the moment with baited breathe:

Social media comments continue to roll in and people just can't get their heads around the Derry girls accent:


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