All You Need To Know About Transport During Storm Emma

All You Need To Know About Transport During Storm Emma

As Storm Emma lands in Ireland, waves of panic ripple throughout the country. Many colleges, schools and businesses have shut due to the orange and red status warnings issues by Met Éireann in the early hours of this morning. There have been many disruptions this morning with the Luas, Dublin Bus, Bus Eireann, Iarnród Éireann and Dublin Airport this morning due to the extreme snowfall last night.

All companies were working to the best of their ability this morning to get their routes back up and running as normal. Some flights were cancelled in Dublin Airport this morning, but runways are clear again. You can check live updates for Dublin Airport here, and here. It is also advised that you check with the airline directly for information also. Ryanair updates can be found here and Aer Lingus updates can be found here.

The Luas also suffered some delays this morning as the red and green lines were compromised due to the weather. Live updates can be found on their twitter and website and app.


Routes have been compromised for Dublin Bus and Bus Eireann also. You can find live updated info for Dublin Bus here and for Bus Eireann here.

For updates regarding methods of transport. Go straight to the source whether it is the company website or app or if it's twitter you're getting your information, make sure the page has a blue tick to make sure its accurate. Stay safe during #StormEmma.

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