UCD Students' Union Are Appealing To Dublin Bus To Stop At UCD

UCD Students' Union Are Appealing To Dublin Bus To Stop At UCD

There have been a number of reports where buses have been driving straight by bus stops servicing UCD students after dark putting students at risk. As a result, students have had to spend up to €50 on some occasions to get taxis home.

In a statement to RTÉ, Dublin Bus said it was aware of "customer complaints regarding services" at bus stops at UCD. Dublin Bus added that a number of services have been affected by anti-social behaviour issues which has resulted in some services not serving these stops.

While we appreciate the inconvenience caused, the safety of our employees and customers is of paramount importance.

UCD Students' Union is appealing to Dublin Bus not to tarnish all students "with the one brush" as a result of a few isolated issues of anti-social behaviour of small minority.

Morning Ireland on RTE Radio 1 interviewed students regarding this issue. One student recalled that the 39A bus which is meant to start at UCD will turn its lights off and drive to Donnybrook and turn its lights back on.

Speaking to Morning Ireland Barry Murphy, President of UCD Students Union addresses significant upset with students who are coming out of the library at 9 pm or 10 pm in the evening and are standing at bus stops for up to an hour with buses driving past. The only solution for these students is to get a taxi home which can end up costing them anywhere upwards of €50, €50 which students don't have.


As a short term solution, Dublin Bus has suggested that students walk to the next bus stop. Barry highlighted that this is not an ideal solution as some students are in wheelchairs and students would feel vulnerable walking late at night.

When discussing the solution, it is highlighted that what needs to addressed is anti-social behaviour. Barry acknowledges that there are a few isolated incidents of anti-social behaviour but asserts that it is no excuse for Dublin Bus drivers to simply drive past the stop.

Barry also states that there have been two security guards hired by the college at each of the two main UCD bus stops after dark to address anti-social behaviour.

This issue does not only affect students but also campus staff. Again, this goes back to the age old problem of the actions of a few affecting many. Join the appeal to Dublin Bus by using the hashtag #StopAtBelfield.

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Deirdre Kelly

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