Significant Changes Brought In To Bus, Dart And Luas Fares

Significant Changes Brought In To Bus, Dart And Luas Fares

Yesterday the National Transport Authority announced significant changes to certain fares across Dublin transport. Fares will increase for Dublin Bus and Luas and Dart services as part of an ongoing plan to simplify fares across the Dublin region.

The €2.85 Dublin Bus fare is jumping in price to €3. The cash fare covers journeys between four and thirteen stages. There will be no change to the €3.30 cash fare for journeys over 13 stages.

The €2.15 Leap fare for journeys of 4-13 stages will increase to €2.25, while the €2.60 Leap fare for journeys of over 13 stages will drop to €2.50. Irish Rail users are expected to see the price of rail tickets fall.

Leap fares for single journeys within the Short Hop Zone will also change, with some journeys costing more while others will cost less. There will be similar changes in cash fares and there will no longer be a distinction between peak and off-peak Luas Leap fares.

The National Transport Authority says "most Luas peak passengers using Leap will either see a fare cut, or will see no change in fares".

Commuters from outside the greater Dublin region will have the use of an annual €600 add-on fare for Irish Rail and Bus Éireann users will allow them to complete the final leg of their journey in the Dublin region on bus or Luas.


The aim of the price increase is to introduce a simpler two-fare system for a short distance or 90-minute fare when the Bus Connect scheme is introduced. Members of the public will be able to seamlessly move between different forms of public transport services without a financial penalty.

The changes will come into effect on December 1 2018. Here is the full list of prices changes.

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