Nervous Flyer? This Scottish Airport Has The Perfect Solution, Puppies

Nervous Flyer? This Scottish Airport Has The Perfect Solution, Puppies

Flying can be an anxiety-inducing experience. Before you even get on the plane, there are the crowds and bustle of the airport and the security checks that can make you feel so paranoid you question if you have drugs on you. Then you and your fellow passengers load on to a plane that cruises at a typical altitude of 35,000 feet.  You pray you won't be sat beside a child or worse between two people with bad breath. No matter the length of the trip you buy some tiny bottles of spirits just to settle your nerves. After a tiny gin or two, there's the landing, you're relieved you made it but equally irritated at those people that insist on clapping when the plane lands. As you are on the home stretch of getting through passport control, you contemplate to yourself, surely there's a way to make it all more bearable. Well, now there is a solution, the solution to all life problems, puppies or more accurately an airport therapy dog team.

Aberdeen Airport has introduced the Canine Crew, the airport therapy dog team of 14 dogs guaranteed to relax even the most anxious of travellers.

The dogs dressed with bandanas tied around their necks roam the airport terminals with their handlers and help passengers feel relaxed and reduce anxiety.

Meet some of the Canine Crew:

Vinnie the Leonberger is extremely cuddly and loves biscuits, just what you want in your time of need.


Cullen the Beagle is very intelligent and loves to play.


Aberdeen airport is the first airport in the UK to use Therapet Dogs to make the overall airport experience more enjoyable.

Dogs always make an experience more 'pawsitive' so we hope to see the Therapet Dogs rolled out in airports across the globe. You can find out more about the Therapet Dogs and meet the full canine crew here.

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