A New Netflix Scam Targets Millions Of Users

A New Netflix Scam Targets Millions Of Users

Another scam has hit millions of people and this time it's affecting your favourite streaming service.

A Netflix scam has been doing the rounds for over a year and it's mutated into an even more convincing con. Last year users were asked to update their billing information. Users were threatened by the message that their accounts would be suspended if they did not update their billing information with 48 hours.

This time the scam is once again targeting your billing information but the scam messages states that Netflix could not process users payments and to click on a link to restart your membership. The email, which is included in the tweet below, is worryingly undetectable:


Once users click on the link they're asked for their credit card details. According to Deadline, over a 110 million Netflix subscribers will have been targeted by the scam.

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