An Email Scam Is Targeting Netflix Customers And Here's How To Avoid It

An Email Scam Is Targeting Netflix Customers And Here's How To Avoid It

Last year a scam surfaced targeting Netflix users for their payment information and it looks like the nasty bugger is back.

The email uses fake branding to trick customers into clicking into a link and providing their credit or debit card information. The phishing email requests users to update their billing information.

The email redirects customers to a fake website which is replicated to match the Netflix page and asked for more personal details. The email includes similar wording to legitimate Netflix emails and reads as follows:

Sorry for the interruption but we are having trouble authorising your credit card. Please visit to enter your payment information again or to use a different payment method. When you have finished, we will try to verify your account again. If it still does not work, you will want to contact your bank.


One reason the scam has caught people out is that it replicates legitimate communication from the company. The web address on the legitimate site will start with and include a padlock symbol. Most of the fake websites will not include a padlock symbol.

If you've submitted personal details via fraudulent emails contact your bank or credit card company immediately.

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