Last Night Netflix Shut Down And The World Freaked Out

Last Night Netflix Shut Down And The World Freaked Out

The streaming giant, Netflix, left many people lost and confused last night after the service was down for nearly a whole hour.

Users of the streaming-service were forced out of hibernation to join their families at exactly 22:41 last night when the server was unable to play any of the shows or movies they chose.

When you tried, a warning would pop up on your screen saying "Netflix error: this title is not available to watch instantly,". Not only was the app down across all devices, but the website that’s supposed to tell you when the app is down, was also down itself, so a lot of people were left very frustrated at the site.

Many people ended up on the website, which showed the exact time it started, and how long Netflix was down for.

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Shortly after the issue began, Netflix took to their US account to let everyone who was freaking out know that they aware of the outages across the world and are doing their best to fix it.



Not long afterwards, the problem was solved, but this didn’t stop the hordes of people who took to the internet to express their frustration at the streaming giant, and to laugh out how dependant they are on Netflix and chilling.




Netflix is back up and running like normal since late last night and we'll never take it for granted again!

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