University Of Limerick Students To Get A Multi-Million Euro 'Hang Out' Centre

University Of Limerick Students To Get A Multi-Million Euro 'Hang Out' Centre

University of Limerick is set to get a major revamp as plans for a new Student Centre building have been set in full motion.

The new spot will be a place where students can go to hang out - it will have an outdoor gathering, relaxation and activity areas, games areas, a venue, a student union and student services.

UL's Governing Authority passed plans for the new design which will be a front-of-house location and will include a three storey 3,529 square metre building.

UL Student Union president Jack Shelly said the new Centre is a necessary solution to the growth in student population during the last two decades.

In the intervening 18 years, there has been huge growth in the number and membership of student clubs and societies. There is a desperate need for space and facilities for these clubs and societies to operate well. Additionally, the increased services provided by the UL Students’ Union have outgrown the current student centre.

UL president, Dr Des Fitzgerald, also spoke about the project and said that the students were "to be commended for their support of this initiative" adding that they appreciate the value of great facilities.


The students have chosen a wonderful design for the centre, which is badly needed to enhance and consolidate facilities for ULSU and for the very vibrant UL clubs and societies which add so much to the UL student experience.

Construction of the new University of Limerick student building is set to be finished in 2020. The new activities in the building stem from a UL student survey.


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Niamh Burke

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