A Student Left A Reminder In The NUIG Toilets And It's Absolutely GAS

A Student Left A Reminder In The NUIG Toilets And It's Absolutely GAS

Public toilets are the bane of all our existences and this NUIG toilet sign highlights all our bathroom annoyances. A student in NUIG took matters into their own hands after their fellow students insisted on not flushing the toilet in one specific college bathroom. We can imagine the sights and stink of the place. Gag!


The inspiring handy work was found on Reddit and here's the sign in all its glory:

Found in the NUIG library toilets from ireland



The poster reads "For the love of all that is living at least flush after yourselves you bloody animals!!!". Some real time trolling occurred under the sign with comments like "flushing is for wimps" and drawings of penises. I've often wondered, who brings pens to pee? Do they match a specific profile? Interesting idea for a thesis lads. Although some of you might be wondering who the hell has time for that shite - no pun intended...

One Reddit user wrote: "The first floor library toilet is filthy. It's this sopping wad of unflushed toilet paper and piss. But I squeeze the lemon anyways and press the flush button and walk out without looking back" - Yum. If anything this highlights a real issue: flushing can be a real chore for some.



We know Elle, we know.


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